Washington County Funeral Pre-Planning

Pre-planning gives you control over your final arrangements. When you plan ahead, you not only let your family know what your wishes are, you also provide your family relief from having to make such personal decisions during such a difficult time. Funeral Arrangement Pre Planning doesn’t take long. Taking a little time to think about and write down your wishes is all it takes to make a big difference for you and your family. Shimon Funeral Home is always here to help you with your pre-planning anytime.

Hartford Funeral Pre Planning

Death isn’t something many people like to think about. It can be scary, stressful and even depressing. Shimon Funeral Home wants to make the process as easy as possible on you and your family. By pre planning your funeral, you help to relieve the burden and added stress of funeral arrangements for your family and loved ones during a very difficult time. Planning your own funeral may sound scary, but with only a short amount of time and effort, it can all be put behind you and you can rest assured knowing your family will be able to grieve instead of worry. Just take a moment to really think about and write down what you want and what your family would want, draw up a will and visit your local Washington County funeral home to plan the funeral, decide the type of ceremony and figure the total cost.

Benefits of Funeral Pre Planning:

-Arrangements are made during a happy time of peace, not by your family during a high-stress time of grief
-You are sure your wishes are known
-You control the cost, protecting your family from inflation or financial burdens
-You can organize your personal records and everything your family will need
-Ensure your life insurance is utilized the way you intend for your family
-Early preparation for any untimely or unexpected events


Contact your Washington County funeral home for compassionate funeral pre planning services.