Frequently Asked Hartford Funeral Service Questions

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A: Shimon Funeral Home will make the initial notification for you.
A: Today, tomorrow, next week....Whenever YOU find it necessary, and you are ready to do so. Make an appointment, whether you just want to give some direction to your loved ones, or prepay. Preplanning is a gift for you and your family, relieving your loved ones of the emotional stress of finalizing your funeral. What you should think about: - type of services (private or public), open or closed casket, religious services, clergy - music, flowers, luncheon- funeral meal - cremation or burial, t... - More
A: You can pre-pay through taking out a burial life insurance policy or through an irrevocable Wisconsin Funeral trust. The money put aside is protected, and cannot be cashed in by the funeral home until the death has occurred. We can help you set up a trust or policy at no charge.
A: Ask questions. Retain copies of the General Price List, compare services offered and see what fits your family and the wishes of the deceased best. Choose a family owned funeral home with licensed funeral directors. Discuss all services provided and know what your payment options are.
A: Some funerals are influenced by their religion, so if you'd like a church service held, the funeral director will help coordinate this, if the deceased hasn't been a current member, services can be held in the funeral home. It will also depend on if the body of the deceased will be present for services. If the body is not present, a memorial service can be held at your church, the funeral home, a park, etc. Sometimes the family may chose to have a burial service privately, then celebrate or re... - More
A: Under few circumstances, embalming is a requirement of the law, including shipping by common carrier, unless due to religious reasons, alternate arrangements are made. Some funeral homes will require embalming for public viewing of the deceased. If you select cremation or immediate burial, embalming is typically not required.
A: Cremations cannot take place until 48 hours after death, this also depends on if the death certificate has been signed by the doctor, coroner, or medical examiner. Prior, the funeral home will need written authorization from the family.
A: There are no hidden costs or up-charges. Cash advance items however, are not included in the services or funeral packages offered.
A: Costs of caskets vary due to the construction, materials, and their interior fabrics or designs. Materials may include metals such as bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel. There are also hand-crafter hardwood caskets, including mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak, maple, pecan, and pine. The interior materials may include fabrics like crepe, satin, or velvet.
A: The leading vault company across the nation is Wilbert Burial Vaults. These vaults are known for their strong, high quality structured concrete. The cost of these vaults will depend on the weight and the type of interior liner selected. Most vaults have a sealing characteristic, while a grave liner, which is only made of concrete and no other material, will not seal. Burial vaults are a requirement for most cemeteries.