Hartford Funeral After Care

A funeral or memorial service for your loved one is the first step in the grieving process. Funeral services from Shimon Funeral Home allow family members and friends to support and share feelings with one another while saying their goodbyes. Our compassionate staff at Shimon Funeral Home truly cares about you and your family. Everyone’s grieving process moves at a different pace. After losing a loved one, people often need encouragement, support and understanding to get through this difficult time. We provide advice and recommend local support groups to help you get through each phase.

Washington County Funeral Aftercare Support

Grieving doesn’t end after the funeral service. For many, grieving the loss of a loved one can be a long, difficult process. It takes time and support. Shimon Funeral Home understands how hard this time can be and would like to help make sure you get the support and care you need to get through this tough time by recommending local support groups and aftercare programs. Each local Washington County aftercare program is different in its own way, from counseling, to support groups and even just group events to keep you talking and open with your emotions. Shimon Funeral Home can help you to choose the best option for you and your family by talking through the different options and getting a feel for where you are in the process and how you want to move forward. There is no shame in grieving, everyone takes things differently. Don’t go through it alone. Get the help you need and let Shimon Funeral Home help you find the right Washington County funeral aftercare option for you.

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Contact your Washington County funeral home for compassionate funeral after-care services and any other funeral needs.